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Red Sea Diving Safari offers you an interactive and scientifically based experience through our eco-diving program. Eco-diving is a relatively new term which describes an environmentally friendly and educative diving
experience. Together with other nature lovers we come together and learn about marine biology and underwater eco-systems. This is a rare and unforgettable experience where we engage in exciting team work and share our passion and knowledge about the Red Sea.

"The Eco-diving Adventure" is an environment that was created for nature lovers and divers. This concept was designed as a way to bring awareness to the Red Sea's delicate eco-system and culture heritage.

We work with a 'soft impact' concept as a way of promoting sustainable tourism development for the region. This concept is based on maximizing the number of rooms of a resort according to the carrying capacity of the house reefs. This ensures that the house reefs will not be 'over-dived' and our guests enjoy an exclusive and nature-based vacation.