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From Wadi Lahami we cover over 30 different dive sites, which include Shaab Maksour, Abu Galawa, Shabb Claudia, and many others. This region is known as the Fury Shoals and is home to an enormous reef complex. The hard corals which make up the reef topography of the Fury Shoals are believed to be the one of best examples in the world. This is a great opportunity to dive the deep south, whilst having the freedom and flexibility of being land based. This place is for adventurous divers seeking the opportunity to discover pristine reefs in a no frills close to nature environment.


Wadi Lahami Diving Program

Classic*: 3 dives during daylight hours in Zone 1 and 2 + night dive. The first 2 dives are guided and the afternoon/night dive are for buddies to "explore" on their own.
Leisure: 3 dives during daylight hours + night dive in Zone 1. This program has a later start time & is not guided. Dive times are 08:30h, 11:00h, 15:00h. Booking on-site & subject to availability.
Dolphin Reef: Snorkeling or diving trip to Satayah (Dolphin Reef). Booking on-site and subject to availability.

*Zone 3 with a surcharge. For more info: Wadi Lahami Zoning System and Map of Wadi Lahami Dive Sites.

All dives in Lahami are done by high-performance RIBs

PADI Resort #: 35829
CDWS Center #: RSDC 67

Note: Diving in Lahami is suitable for any level diver. Divers with less than 20 logged dives and have not been diving within 6 months will be required to take a scuba review. Diving by speedboat can be physically demanding during rough sea conditions. This type of diving is not suitable for people with back problems. In winter months please bring a wind jacket and cap with you for the surface interval.