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  1. Flight ticket reservation
  2. Meet & Assist in all Egypt airports
  3. Transfers between airports, hotels, diving centers and boats.
  4. Hotels reservations
  5. Live aboard vessels reservation for divers and non divers.
  6. Diving courses.
  7. Diving packages for all levels.
  8. Snorkeling trips
  9. Fishing trips
  10. Excursions to all Sightseeing in Egypt.
  11. Special offers
You need to know as much as possible about our services, our packages & our policies before you make a well-informed decision about any dive vacation you purchase to Egypt. We need to respect the fact you're considering the expenditure of a hefty chunk o' change, for a scuba diving vacation or snorkeling vacation that is vitally important to you. Maybe a honeymoon, maybe an anniversary, maybe a week out with some old college friends. Your trips and dreams matter to us, in a big way, and we pledge to get the details right for you. That's why we want to make it easy for you, also relaxing, enjoyable and user-friendly as possible, whenever you contact us for advice.